The 3 Best Types of Videos for B2C Companies

Any company should include videos in their marketing collateral to create better leads and drive conversions. Videos make up a powerful medium with the unique ability to engage audiences like none other. As a B2C company, your strategies and messaging for your video marketing need to be tailored for an audience that could be ready to make a purchase or sign a contract based on what they see and hear. Because of this, your videos need to be engaging and make the audience feel like their time was well-spent. Here are the best types of videos to keep your audience engaged and to get them ready to convert.


For companies that sell products, one of the best strategies you can implement for your videos is creating tutorials. These types of videos benefit from being straight to the point and won’t require a lot of flash or complex editing to be effective. One reason tutorials are effective is they make for steller advertising for your products without coming across as a blatant ad. The consumer gets to see the product in action while also gaining free value they can put into business.

Ideally, tutorials should be specific and highlight the ways your products are unique. You also want to make sure the distinct personality of your company shines through in your tutorial videos. For instance, if you are a distillery that makes whiskey, you should make tutorial videos on how to make fun cocktails that best complement the tasting notes unique to each type of whiskey you offer. This strategy also helps to build your credibility and sense of authority in your industry.


It can be kind of tricky striking the right chord with this type of video, but the payoff can be excellent when done right. The most important thing to remember is to maximize the feeling of authenticity, so don’t hire actors off of Fiverr to sit in a well-lit interview setting to rave about your services. Using a minimal, more candid shooting style for the interviews intercut with relevant shots works well for people in the modern market.

Good production quality absolutely still matters, but it’s important that the testimonial aspect of the video comes off as genuine. For instance, if you have a chiropractic office, try shooting the interview with the massage table in the background rather than tucked away in a neatly furnished office or studio.

If you have a strong customer base, you should know who good people would be to ask to take part in a testimonial video. Make sure they know they will be in a video and ask them questions about their concerns before their experience, what their results were, and any other questions that highlight what stands out about your products or services. These types of videos tend to be especially effective for companies that offer some type of medical service, but be sure to gather consent forms if your company needs to adhere to HIPAA laws.


Building good relationships with industry partners matters for this type of video. Invite leaders from relevant industries to shoot an interview so viewers can gain more insight into your business. The trick is to find people who aren’t direct competitors but will be able to give an engaging interview that will benefit the viewers.

For example, if your company sells workout supplements, see if you can bring in a notable fitness expert to interview. This strategy can take a load off your shoulders when it comes to generating content since the subject of the interview provides the valuable insight by answering your questions. This is a great way to further establish your company as an authority in your industry while giving your audience content they will benefit from.

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